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Our Team.

Managing Director / CEO

Ryan Quarmby

Chief Finance Officer

Jenifer Williams

Executive Officer

Rob Carroll

Accomodation & CORE Manager

Donna Cobby

Quality & Intake Manager

Olivia Prior

Disability Program Coordinators

Melissa Crowe

Natalie Cannon

Nicole Leigh

Steve Conway

Lily Jettner

Roster Coordinators

Tayla Stephens

Rebecca Hallcroft

Isabella Hull

Executive Assistant

Kiara Pattison

Finance Assistant

Raam Raghuraj

Registered Nurses

Rachel Quarmby

Rachel Tesch

Support Coordinators

Kasey Pengilley

Jo Klassen 

Melissa Grentall

Jondi MacDonald

Behaviour Support Practitioners

Alison Linder

Jeanne Forsyth

Darren Rudd

Carol Angel

Gini Maidment

Sally Drummond 

Staff Wellbeing Officer

Anthony Fewson

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