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New Directions is an NDIA registered provider of Supported Independent Living (SIL). If SIL is
one of your goals New Directions can help you achieve it in one of our properties.

We are committed to creating an individually tailored SIL model for each participant based on matching
people who have similar personalities, interests and goals.

This will guide our assessment process in identifying your level of supports that will be required. It will also help inform us of the type of home you may require, for example does the building need to be modified for any
physical disability.

We will provide an individualised transition into our services by working closely with the participant and their family or representative to ensure we have a good understanding of the needs, goals and aspirations of each participant.

New Directions have a growing variety of SIL properties and are flexible in the model of support that best suits each individual. Depending on your needs this could include shared housing or individual support.


It is important to us that people feel safe and comfortable, our professional and caring staff will do everything to make this your home.

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