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New Directions are a registered NDIS provider and our Behaviour Practitioners can provide
services under the Capacity Building and Improved Relationship funding lines, including
Specialist Behaviour Support.


We provide support for children and adults who are experiencing a range of challenges which have an impact on their behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

Our Practitioners use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS); which is a person-centred approach to people with a learning disability who may be at risk of displaying challenging behaviours. It is backed by evidence from behavioural science and provides support based on inclusion, choice, participation and equality of opportunity.

A PBSP is developed based on a thorough functional behaviour assessment, including a
hypothesis of why the behaviour occurs and what function it serves.


The PBSP may also be informed by a variety of information sources and assessments, such as direct observations, structured interviews, incident reports, sensory reports, psychological reports, communication
assessments and much more.


Alison Linder

Carol Angel

Darren Rudd

Gini Maidment

Jeanne Forsyth

To enquire about our capacity contact Ryan: or call us at 1300 285 766

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